Monday, June 14, 2010



At Papanasam, you will see a dam bridge access to which is restricted. Theerthams discussed below are all coming on the other side of the bridge….

To set an introduction…, We wanted to explore the theerthams in the risky forest zone; we do not have any trekking experience; we do not know what kind of wild animals will be there – though we know leopards or quite often seen in this forest; we do not have much knowledge on how to tackle any such emergencies and we never feared or even had a single thought of facing troubles in the forest!. All that we (just two of us) will do as preparation to these explorations is….reaching papanasam early in the day, buying some food (biscuits, fruits), water bottles for us and not even carry a small knife with us for safety – because we really didn’t think from the safety corner at all.


This is a theertham that is across the bridge of papanasam and in the forest. It is quite closer after you go across the bridge - say about 1.5 kms. Theertham will have clear water collected in a tank and behind this is stands a huge mountain wall with a cave in it. When I saw this for the first time, I was little hesitant to go close to take a look at the cave. See pictures.

Cave little behind the theertham from a distance....

Enter and lie down on the stone bed inside....

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