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This is a theertham that is little far into the forest area of the hills. I would love to explain my experience which I think might interest you as well.

Across the papanasam bridge, you will have to walk across one range to its other end - into deep forest and then into a flat land area where now some construction work is also going on – A dam I guess. After this you will have to climb down a steepy down path which will end in a stream – mostly dry! This stream will not be flowing with much water though there will be ponds here and there on its way and little slippery too. In my first visit, we managed reaching until this stream. You should also understand you will not get any mobile signals or anyone else on the way to check where you are and which way to go to the theertham unless and otherwise you are lucky. Okay, after we reached this stream, I saw a dripping of water on the other side of the river which I thought should be the theertham.

River path leading to Kumaradhara

Another snap of the river path

We were about to return and saw some TTD staff coming on the way luckily. Seeing us, they asked in a loud voice “Kumaradhara?” and asked us to go further. So, we continued walking down the river path and this river path…had water collections here and there which is slippery and then finally ended in a water fall like edge…it became really confusing for us and we do not know where to go further. We thought we missed the route somewhere and thought our attempt failed and was about to move back. Again the same TTD people were crossing over and asked us to go further and then went before us and disappeared at the edge. I went a little close to see and saw an iron ladder to about 30-40 feet height in which they were climbing down. This is not a proper iron ladder to climb down as it has no side guards or anything but still we have decided to climb it down. As we climbed down…. It is so amazing that you will see yourself in the womb of the mountains … covered by mountains all around and you are in the stomach kind of place created by these mountains around - so quiet and silent and down there on one side there is a big valley path that leads to deeps somewhere which we didn’t gather any courage to explore….on one side you will see the KUMARADHARA theertham flowing and it is quite small only. One side is an amazing cave where you will see some idols and this cave is also quite interesting – one cannot crawl in as it is too small but you will see so many beams naturally coming in between and showing different different routes inside it…

Risky Iron Ladder and TTD staff...........

Risky Iron Ladder and TTD staff...........

Theertham Waterfall is not quite impressive but we went for a dip in it and realized that this theertham is so cold and enjoyable for anybody who is coming to take a dip in it… Place around is so.. so amazing. You can enjoy all these only if you do not worry about any wild animals otherwise we will not be able to enjoy anything here. This was our first experience into the tirumala forests to reach Kumaradhara and it is quite interesting and memorable and so we have planned to visit other falls - Tumburu next time.

....or 'womb of the mountains'


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  1. Thank you so much for the article. We may not visit it personally, but you made us have the feel of going there. Thank you once again. god bless you.

    sarma ysn.